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Advertise on Mobile Phones and Get More Customers

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Mobile Advertising is the Future that will give your business a competitive advantage

Because most small and medium sized businesses, including your competitors, DO NOT have mobile optimized websites, they can’t take advantage of the benefits of mobile

Would your business benefit:

If potential customers could see and purchase your offers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites?
If starting and managing mobile advertising was easy?
When a potential customer, in your neighborhood, finds your business while using their mobile phone?
If potential customers could see your special offers, get directions to your location, easily call you with just one click and even purchase your special offer on the spot?
Then Start Advertising Now!

With Shooger you not only get local targeted traffic from mobile advertising but also measurable results!

  • Your Business gets a beautiful mobile optimized website with tracking.
  • You can easily post special offers that can be purchased directly from your potential customer’s mobile phone when they click your mobile ad!
  • You can create hidden private offers for customers that visit your store and see and track which of your employees are promoting these special offers.
  • With a few simple steps you can even create a loyalty program based on number of visits. Instead of a paper punch card, all activity is tracked by the Shooger app and on your customer’s mobile phone.

An increase in loyal customers of only 5% can improve profits by 25% - 100%

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Mobile Marketing is Effective and Measurable

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Did you know that:

  • Mobile phones are checked, on average, 42 times each day!
  • 95% of small businesses do not have a mobile optimized website.
  • 84% of the companies that use mobile benefited from an increase in new business as a result.
  • 79% of smartphone users use their phones to help them with shopping decisions.
  • 74% of those users also purchased based on their mobile search.
Start Тaking Аdvantage of Shooger’s
Mobile Marketing Platform Now

With Shooger, you can easily create and manage effective campaigns
that match your needs and budget.

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