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How It Works?

3 powerful sources of information enable Shooger users to make an educated decision.

1 Offers!!

In addition to valuable feedback left by other users, Shooger users also get the latest offers and news directly from their favorite stores.

Shooger merchants care what you think. They respond to your Tips with exclusive access to special events & offers. Follow your favorite businesses and stay connected.

Browse offers from merchants, wherever you are. The geo-based app helps you find incredible offers in your neighborhood and gives you local insight about places when you're traveling.

Shooger is also your mobile wallet. What does that mean? Buy a deal on your phone, instantly redeem it or save it for later. It’s that easy!

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Shooger is a marketplace. You can shop, share and get rewarded.

2 TIPS!!

A community of shoppers, afficianados, and fans – that share enthusiasm about their favorite places to shop and get things done.

Shooger users can follow people with common interests in their neighborhood, follow their family & friends, and even benefit from great advice about things that they’re interested in, when traveling.

3 Experts!!

Experts are Shooger users that have gotten so good at the consumer experience and posted so many good Tips that we’ve made them into “Experts” so that everyone can find their posts easily.