deyci salgado

By deyci salgado


The service is excellent, going here for years, they take wood care of my car, but im really sure the guy who check my car took something of my back seat hope was a mistake and they call-me they have it, it will be really nice Just want let you all know be careful and don’t leave values in your car, (like my daughter did)

Christian Gutierrez

By Christian Gutierrez


Pauls auto. Hmm. It took about 2- 3 months to get what was paid for. You might have to be persistent. If you have problems or issues. Get a second opinion elsewhere. Make sure you talk to manager directly for any of your concerns. I guess what I am trying to say is, after the runaround, I was ok with the work done.

Kim Ryan

By Kim Ryan


I had a vehicle inspection recently and from my limited experience, I can tell you this shop seems honest and competent, and they have fair pricing. Based on their report, I am having my brakes serviced there next week, and I'll update my review once I've had actual work performed.

Tiffany Q.

By Tiffany Q.


Had a good experience here, they were very informative in telling me what possibly was wrong with my car. Turned out to be that I just needed an oil change after all. If you get the recommended... more

Subs Holmes

By Subs Holmes


These guys do a good job

Rachel Cabral

By Rachel Cabral


The mechanic Joe is the best and very knowledgeable

John S.

By John S.


I was In Las Vegas last June for my son's birthday when my car's air conditioning went out. I called a few places, and Paul's Auto Service said they could look at it it that same day. It was 2hrs before closing. The Tech was very honest and fair. He could have easily taken advantage of the fact I was from San …

Simon OBard

By Simon OBard


Great guys

Robert Petersen

By Robert Petersen


Reliable auto shop !!!

Sonia Canseco

By Sonia Canseco


Best place to go to. John was heaven sent. My husband and I thank you for your help.

Brooke L.

By Brooke L.


Just got into town after driving from Indiana. Needed an oil change. Service was quick but I walked out feeling really good about this shop. John asked a pertinent question and I found out before... more

Stacy L.

By Stacy L.


Rip off!!! It doesn't take a math genius to figure out he marks up the parts by over %100. Thief!! O'rielys has it for $88 and they deliver to you.




Best owner in Vegas that works hard and doesnt rip you off.

9 Scopes

By 9 Scopes


Tried getting an estimate on a specific engine replacement and they wouldn't give me an estimate without my car being towed over there to check "other repairs" needed. Im asking for one job done and they already are thinking about more repairs other than what I've asked for. Big red flag 🚩 no thank you

Laurel Tate

By Laurel Tate


They do good service at a reasonable rate

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


I am indebted to Paul for not only repairing my niece's car but for not taking advantage of her when her car unexpectedly started smoking and losing power. My niece drove out to Las Vegas from Los Angeles to celebrate her birthday and when she was set to return home her car began smoking and the engine started acting up. Paul figured out the issue, took care of it and had my niece back on the road In no time. He took time to explain the problem and it turned out to only need a minor repair to correct. He was beyond fair for what he charged and did not perform any unnecessary work for what we thought was going to be a major repair. Hats off to Paul and his crew for honesty, integrity and exceptional customer service! Hopefully you don't have any car problems out in Vegas but if you do I highly recommend Paul and his staff to get you back on the road.

Mike Smith

By Mike Smith


I live by pauls auto...they have always always been good to me...they take the time to explain how everything works..thanks and peace to you guys at pauls...michael j.j. seeing you soon as i need more layers of up grade to my car...

Mike McGivern

By Mike McGivern


These guys are awesome. Took my Jeep into them with a vibration in the drive train. They went a lot of trouble to identify the problem. They narrowed it down to a couple of possibilities but could not be absolutely certain about the cause. Rather than commit to expense that might not resolve the issue they recommended a number of options. Despite all their time trouble and advise they would not take any consideration for their time. Paul and Jon are great, honest down to earth guys and I would highly recommend them

Peter W.

By Peter W.


Great place. Dont usually post reviews. Memorably good service. My car is funning great after almost going to the junk yard.

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


Cannot say enough good things about this shop, being new to the area its hard to really find a shop you can trust. But John and the boys at Paul's Auto Repair delivered. I felt like I'd been going to the shop for years. Everyone was more than willing to help, had competitive pricing and the service was phenomenal. John really took the time and made sure my car was good to go and I felt confident that my issues were taken care of. Would recommend 10/10

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


This was the first time I had to take my car to get repair to any shop. They popped up on yelp when I searched for car repair shops. They responded to my message almost instantly and the quote was very accurate and at a very low price. Once inside the shop the manager was quick to respond to any questions or concerns. My car was ready within 6 hours and they called me to tell me when it was done. Very low price and excellent customer service. I will definitely bring my car back to this shop for future auto repairs! Excellent job! Will recommend to friends and family

Mona P.

By Mona P.


good price & good service . i will bring my husband car next

Janice Weber

By Janice Weber


The tech who served me was super fantastic in the repair work. He was also extremely funny. Would definitely endorse Paul's Auto Service for car services!

Just Vids

By Just Vids


Great Mechanics

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


I needed my car so I was able to drive home to Utah in a month and John did everything he could to get it to work and was able to fix it! No other mechanic shop would go to the extent to make sure my car worked like they did so if you need anything done with your car I would for sure recommend them.

osama masry

By osama masry



Cristy Caravantes

By Cristy Caravantes


Great attitude and fast timing. Spend about an hour for what I had to get done for my van.

Debbie Wiltsie

By Debbie Wiltsie


Great Folks, Price and Service been taking my vehicles there for years.

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


John and the crew where awesome! We were traveling back to Utah when we developed a transmission leak. They did fixed it and we were back on the road within 24hrs. Price was great and John communicated with us on cost and timing.

Carly Gardner

By Carly Gardner


I love this place!

Robin Bollinger

By Robin Bollinger


I have been coming to Paul's for a number of years. I have always received honest, and affordable service. If you are looking for a place to have your vehicles serviced look no further.

Paris Jean

By Paris Jean


We are from out of town and had A/C problems, picked this shop solely on reviews. Paul’s Auto Serivce was excellent! All the shop workers and the owners wife were so nice and helpful showing us the problem, got it fixed quickly and the price was great! I would recommend this shop for their services and customer service! 10/10 experience

Andrew Polder

By Andrew Polder


The only shop my whole family goes to Pauls is the best definitely recommend them!!!

Silas A.

By Silas A.


Paul was insightful and knowledgeable when I brought in a vehicle for inspection. He also gave his own honest opinion as to what I should do. Seems like a good and honest business. I will be back.

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


Great service!! Honest and no up selling!!

Alex Toledo

By Alex Toledo


The best auto repair shop around. They are honest and reliable. I have been to many other shops but I have either been ripped off, taken advantage of or the work not properly done. This is the first shop I feel has not taken advantage of me. They repaired my car and it runs better than ever!! Give them a try!! They will not disappoint!!

Ashley Derosier

By Ashley Derosier


Honest, reliable and kind mechanics I have had two different jobs done on my car from John and the crew at Paul's Auto. They have been very courteous, honest and reliable. I don't feel like I am being taken advantage of (so many others have tried this!) instead I feel like someone who is a valued client of their business. I appreciate the straight answers and sound advice that has been given to me. I drive 45 minutes each way just to get my car repairs done at this shop. I can't recommend it enough.

Angel Alvarez

By Angel Alvarez


John wright and his crew of mancanics are great! They work fast and get the job done! No bull shh! ..get service ! Everything done on time at great prices!! My new Crew !" ..

william thomas

By william thomas


I had my Transmission rebuilt and work done on my other car. Service was great, prices were great and work was done in a timely manner. I would recommend anyone to Paul's Auto Service.

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


Trustworthy, honest!!! These are the works i would not usually use for a auto service place but Paul's auto is different and deserves it! I have been a customer for many years and will be for many more years.

Andrew Polder

By Andrew Polder


Excellent customer service, quality parts and great service, everything that makes up a solid experience!

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


I requested a quote via Yelp, and they responded quickly and were very helpful. Was able to bring the car in the very next day. All I needed was a headlight change, but it was done SO quickly and John was great. Will come back with any future needs.


By Andy Polder


Paul and his crew of experienced, reliable and highly trained mechanics treat your car as if it were their own!

Review Image
Cindy Pee

By Cindy Pee


I had them put a new engine in my 1999 Tahoe and my truck runs better than ever!!! I highly recommend this shop for all auto needs. Thanks to John and Paul and their staff!

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


Paul's has been my preferred mechanic for the past two years and I have always been very impressed with their work, their speed (they always finished the day I brought my vehicle in, and sometimes even had it done before I could walk the few blocks back home!), their honesty, and their pricing. When I came to them with mystery issues, they would figure them out quickly, explain them to me--without talking down to me!--and fix them thoroughly. It has been a great relief to have a trustworthy auto shop so close to my home.

Evan Jones

By Evan Jones


Half way through our cross country road trip I pulled up at Paul's without notice for an oil change. Great service and no wait - we had a huge bike rack on the van and they took care to hoist it without bumping them. Really friendly team!

Kyle Murley

By Kyle Murley


Amazing service all around. Highly recommend for any new locals like myself.

Debbie Wiltsie

By Debbie Wiltsie


John is really a nice guy. I felt well taken care of. My check engine light was on, the last shop wanted $100 PLUS parts and labor for repairs. John applies the diagnosis fee to the parts and labor if you have them do the repairs

Vicki Calimag

By Vicki Calimag


The crew at Paul's Auto has been working on our car issues and problems since I can remember. They don't mess around and to the point which my family and I do appreciate. Keep up the good work guys!

Michelle Schotthoefer

By Michelle Schotthoefer


Very pleased with our experience here. We were in a pinch with our truck a little ways from home. Dropped it off on Saturday afternoon and had it back by end of day Monday. They were honest and didn't try to charge us for anything extra. Extremely reasonable.

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


I had my struts replaced here. After they were replaced, I had a strange clanking noise which ended up being a real head scratcher. After taking my truck in about 3 additional times, they pulled everything back apart and fixed it. I'm happy that they made by their word and saw the job through. These guys are honest and do great quality work. Highly recommended!

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


This place did good work and we were happy with the results. They are friendly people and have fair pricing. These guys know what they are doing and dont try to sell you on something you dont need. I highly recommend this repair shop to anyone looking for repair work. They will not lie to you or be dishonest with you.

Dannielle Borda

By Dannielle Borda


Great services :) Everyone works hard and they give you the best without breaking the bank :D Definitely regret not going sooner.

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


I am very pleased with the outstanding service. I will be returning for future maintenance and repair.

Victor R.

By Victor R.


Was told that they could work on Diesel vehicles by a friend of a friend but ended up not being the case. After being told my ECM was fried, I bought one for $600 bucks. I was told that if I ran... more

Liz Hamilton

By Liz Hamilton


This place is great. They have always been very willing to schedule me within a deadline for when I need my car back. They're straight forward, honest, and great to work with. They have become my favorite auto place.

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


I decided on Paul's after reading good Yelp reviews and their reasonable quote on replacing my head gaskets and timing system on my 2001 Subaru Forester. They did the job for several hundred dollars less than the other shops wanted, and did it well, keeping me up to date through the whole process. I dealt with John. I am not from Las Vegas and was concerned about the warranty on the work should something break down once I was back in Nebraska; he assured me they had a nationwide warranty system just for that reason.

Lyndon A.

By Lyndon A.


I learned about this business from a friend and needed an engine diagnostic and potential $$$$ repairs according to the chain garage that it seems just goes by error codes from the car. I found them to be professional and personable and they're labor rate is well below industry standards. In talking to John and Paul I felt like my needs were their needs and they actually care about me the customer. The repair was handled expertly and I saved a considerable amount of money and did not have work done that it turned out was not needed. Lyndon

Wardo Ramirez

By Wardo Ramirez


I started taking my car here after I had let a few other mechanics ruin my car. Needless to say, they got everything taken care of and still take care of me everytime I go in. Several years later, glad to know there's a shop I can go to that I trust. Over the years, they've helped me make sure I only get the work done that needs to be done. I appreciate that.

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


My check engine light turned on right after we crossed stateline, luckly the car didnt give me any problems getting us into Vegas. But was bummed knowing something could be wrong with my car and worried if it would survive the 4 hour trip back home. So I brought it to the shop to get the code read the day before we went home just incase it needed to be fix. It took less than 15 mins to figure out what was wrong with my car and put my mind at ease knowing we would get home with no problem. Definitely bringing my car here if I ever need my car fixed next time I'm in Vegas. They are polite and honest, appreciated the fact they suggested I take my car back to who fixed it back home, since the part would still be under warranty.

Sonny Chismark

By Sonny Chismark


I'm in a touring band that plays every night. Our van was too messed up to get us to LA from Vegas and we had to leave the next morning. Went to Paul's early in the morning, they took in our van right away and found the problem and fixed it ASAP. The problem was not a simple one as I know a bit about cars. The mechanic was an awesome dude. We were able to make it to LA by that night and it was a godsend. Not sure if we got price scammed but the fix wasn't too much so I don't think so. Would recommend and would go back if we ever had to.

John Bond

By John Bond


Great place!

Karen Wilkens

By Karen Wilkens


Paul's offers great service at reasonable rates. Not only will they tell you what the problem is they will show you. I have needed to have my car worked on twice and received wonderful assistance which was a relief after having a bad mechanic experience shortly before in Las Vegas. I plan to continue having all of my automotive work done here in the future.

John B.

By John B.


Found them from a friend. They were honest and friendly. They diagnosed my car, got my approval, fixed it and it was done. They did not talk me into repairs I did not need! Will definitely go back.

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


Paul's Auto shop was referred to me from a family friend. My check engine light was on in my car so I took it to Paul's to get looked at. John called me that day and told me what was wrong with my car and it ended up being a bad part Pep Boys put in last March. John was honest and professional with me, even telling me to take it back to Pep Boys to have them fix it. I am so impressed with this shop. I will definitely take my car here from now on and would highly recommend this auto shop.

Trent Billingsley

By Trent Billingsley


I took my truck in for an alignment, when it came out it pulled to the right. It took it back and they are working to make it right.

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


I was so pleasantly surprised that Paul himself checked my car out and was honest and informative in diagnosing what was wrong - I dont know anything about cars! I needed a brake light fixed too and he did in right then and there (2 min). No pressure tactics or adding random charges. Seems like a great place, gets work done fast, and takes the time to explain things.

a User

By a User


Repairing European Motorcars For Over 30 Years

a User

By a User


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a User

By a User


Honest Repairs at Fair Prices. Financing Available

a User

By a User


One of the greatest in Las Vegas!

a User

By a User


Sell Your Car Today with NO Hassle!

a User

By a User


Transmission Specialists and Auto Care Experts

Tom R.

By Tom R.


I am a local who tried this place a few months ago and needed a compressor plus other work. was $1100. I thought not the cheapest but they did it right. two weeks ago I had major problem with my 20 year old car. though it has less than 48,000 miles many hoses and rubber parts can wear out. spoke to John. he needed more than a day to work on it. the cost was 1400 but he detailed everything it needed. It was a lot of parts and work. I drove my car in and was ill. John drove me home. When the CAR WAS ready John drove it to my house and returned to his shop with a worker who followed him. that is going out of your way.And I think he is honest . That is sometime difficult to find .I will recommend this shop to all of my friends.

LaMariana Coleman

By LaMariana Coleman


I live Paul and his staff! They're all good people and go above and beyond! I definitely recommend them to everyone!!!

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


I took my car in because my brakes where making noises. What I liked about this shop more than other shops they actually showed me what was wrong with it so I knew I wasn't getting ripped off. They changed them quick for me.

The Dark Knight aka Slabb Ster

By The Dark Knight aka Slabb Ster


Warning : (I think this place is closed now). Took my truck in for an Oil change and brought my own Oil and Filter. I Only use synthetic oil. I cant prove it because i didnt watch the Red headed mechanic do the job but Im pretty sure he substituted my synthetic oil for his shitty regular low grade oil because it wasnt long before my truck started to seriously Knock and Shake. Which my truck never does. The only reason why I went to Pauls auto was because my regular shop went out of business but I will NEVER go back to Pauls Auto. Not even if this was the last shop in Las Vegas. I have other stories about this shop but this was the last and final occurrence. There are other shops that do better - HONEST work in Vegas.

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


Yelp jumped me to this business. My review was for Ted weins, not this business!

a Yelp User

By a Yelp User


Referred by trusted body shop. Paul is pretty straight forward. Very reputable establishment. Definitely return

Gary Ricketts Jr.

By Gary Ricketts Jr.


By far this is the best shop in #Vega