David W.
By David W.

This place has amazing cakes, very very delicious. They deliver wall around the east coast and when your cake arrives it's very fresh, I went with the strawberry cake and it was so good everyone...

Layne O.
By Layne O.

I love this bakery. It's hidden away in an industrial corner off 13th Street near the rail road tracks. You'll dry by and completely ignore it. This is honestly the only bakery I'll purchase... more

Roman Gardner
By Roman Gardner

It was fun to look at this store through my Google search. I considered purchasing an item to send to someone for the holidays. However, I decided not to make a purchase. I appreciate those who left Google reviews as this is always of immense help. The reason I chose not to place an order was that I did not feel that the product was worth the price.

Lily F.
By Lily F.

We worked with Jean to create our wedding cake, and we absolutely loved the final design! We were able to do a cake tasting before the big day, during which Jean offered us a great selection to... more

Lupi G.
By Lupi G.

If you love cake or cupcakes this is the place for you.i only have a few words to say \"my mouth is on vacation\" this is how delicious their cakes and cupcakes are.yummy

Jonathan K.
By Jonathan K.

Everything here is so delicious. I love coming to We take the Cake for any occasion, for birthdays or when I just want something sweet that's really good. The staff is always friendly. I can't get... more

Denny D.
By Denny D.

The most amazing cakes and desserts on the planet. Second to nobody!!!! You will not be disappointed I promise.

Katharine G.
By Katharine G.

I found We Take The Cake In 2007 as I was looking for an amazing cake for my daughter's 5th birthday. I recall they worked with me and helped me design a cake - a princess cake with her picture...

Larry Mitchell
By Larry Mitchell

I really wanted to like the lime pound cake, but unfortunately I didn’t like it all. Why? The taste was generic at best and it was surprisingly small about the size of a oversized cupcake. Certainly no slam pan dunk. The good news, it was packaged in an attractively branded box.

Alexandra R.
By Alexandra R.

We worked with Jean to get our wedding cake. She was kind, professional and overly accommodating. Our cake was delivered perfectly to the venue, more beautiful then I could have asked for and... more

Iris R.
By Iris R.

I have been a customer for many years (since they had the store in Aventura) and have always recommended it. Cakes are delicious. So its a shame their customer service isn't. I ordered a key lime... more

Kathy Moore
By Kathy Moore

This place is amazing. You may pay a little more but it's well worth it. Great cakes seem to be hard to find in Florida for the fussy palette. They even overnight ship what more could you ask. They have a huge online presence. But you can pick it up the same day and it's amazing check out the chocolate rose bud cake

Samantha Cardona
By Samantha Cardona

I received a cake for my birthday as a gift. I’m going to be honest, I took a bite and threw it out. Was not good at all. The cake I had was chocolate cake and vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. I would not recommend this place.

Stacie D.
By Stacie D.

Well! Order online cause not a friendly inviting bunch in person. The cakes were not bad. The lady at the front desk was nicer than the owner but not by much. The owner came in while the lady was... more

Rita S.
By Rita S.

My mom had my cake made here for my baby shower and I have to say it was as good as my wedding cake. It was a simple Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing. My mom gave them the invitation... more

Carol M.
By Carol M.

I was having trouble with the website so I called the store for help. I got no help from a very rude person who answered the phone. I explained that I was trying to place order to be shipped for... more

KapCity HQ
By KapCity HQ

Did their best to resolve an issue I had. Thanks guys

MaryAnne P.
By MaryAnne P.

Recently received order of 2 cakes via Fed Ex and truly impressed with everything: cakes are beautiful, delicious & in perfect condition; beautifully packaged each in a sturdy box; and with effici...

ryan sherman
By ryan sherman

Custom ordered a cake for my friend's birthday party. Delicious vanilla filling. Highly praised.

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

I used we take the cake for my daughters first birthday party. I'm very picky when it comes to taste especially with cake. Let me tell you the cake and cupcakes were SO GOOD!!!! I only have one piece left that I can take home for myself lol everyone ate every last bit of the rest! This is my new cake spot. I'll be using them for ALL my cake needs! THANK YOU WE TAKE THE CAKE !

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

My original review was one star... after speaking with the manager today she resolved the issue below in one day. I am very pleased that they have made changes in their relationships with repeat costumers and will happily purchase from their establishment!

Michelle Carbee
By Michelle Carbee

I sent a picture of a specific cake that my daughter wanted for her baby shower and they were able to replicate it exactly as the picture. The artistry, skill, and attention to detail was amazing and very impressive. After meeting and talking to the baker there was no doubt that she thoroughly enjoys and loves what she does. The cake was delicious 😋 too!

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

Ordered the strawberry 4-layer cake through goldbelly for Mother's Day. The frosting was sickeningly sweet, overpowering the strawberry flavor of the cake. Definitely would not recommend spending $79 on a cake, when you can get a cheaper (and probably better) one from your local bakery.

Kris Wilkes
By Kris Wilkes

I ordered the deluxe chocolate cake from here for my Dad’s 90th birthday. Of course, I wanted it to be perfectly beautiful and delicious. It was!!! It was the most amazing, highest quality, delectable chocolate cake we had ever had. A huge hit! We froze the left over amount and my Dad enjoyed a piece daily for a week or so after. Great, friendly service! They have my loyalty for all special events!!!

Joshua Slatkoff
By Joshua Slatkoff

WHAT A CAKE!!! NANCY was able to take us step by step and help us design an Amazing Cake for our son’s graduation!!! They delivered the cake on time and PERFECT!!! THANK YOU we take the cake for helping MAKE OUR GRADUATION CELEBRATION OVER THE TOP!!! If you would like to take your celebration to the next spectacular level, USE WE TAKE THE CAKE FOR ALL YOUR CAKE NEEDS!!!’THANK YOU!!!

Mike Petzold
By Mike Petzold

We Take The Cake is the best cake in town! Try the Chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

Phoebe Paredes
By Phoebe Paredes

We had our wedding at the Historic Maxwell Room, and We Take the Cake was on their preferred vendor list. And it was a wonderful recommendation. The tasting was a lot of fun, and they made the cake just as I wanted it. It arrived on time, and fed EVERYONE and then some. We got a blended flavor of chocolate and white cake...the chocolate cream cheese was a HIT! So I do recommend it if you're trying to decide. I really liked the simplicity of flavors. I get why people want an array of options, but with cake...it can definitely get out of hand. I loved that there were only a few flavors and combinations to try and we got to try all of them, and then however we wanted the cake was no problem. Really! Check this place out! You won't be disappointed. Photo credit by Coastal Sun and Surf Photography

James Vourakis
By James Vourakis

I'm glad I live close I'm always very extra special . Usually home made cakes by someone that truly knows how to bake. These have a special taste. But don't refrigerator because it looses its special moist flavor..

Oneika Kenyatta
By Oneika Kenyatta

I sampled the strawberry cake. The key lime bundt cake is divine! I can't wait for the cake tasting! 🎂

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

The cakes here are AMAZING. Their lemon raspberry and chocolate cakes are sooooo good, but the strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting is our family's favorite. It's a hit at every special occasion.

Nikki Johnson
By Nikki Johnson

I ordered 3 Bundt cakes for an event. The key lime one was smooshed and the chocolate one was dry and crumbly and the chocolate glaze was very hard, in fact, when we microwaved it for the recommended 15 seconds, it remained as hard as a rock and so we microwaved another 10 seconds and cup melted but the glaze did not. So I ended up only serving the golden butter cake. It was just ok. We were very disappointed, especially at $36 per cake.

Margarita M.
By Margarita M.

We have been buying delicious cakes from We Take the Cake since our son's 1st birthday. He is 12 now! They are our go to for every special occasion and sometimes the impromptu cupcake. When our... more

Andrea Grajeda
By Andrea Grajeda

**Update** So we decided to let the cake sit out at room tempature and it softened the frosting. It made a HUGE difference. Wish they would have told us how to store it. If you have the budget for it def order from here. Just be sure to ask what the best tempature to serve the cake is. Ordered a custom cake for my brother's birthday. The only option for frosting was vanilla cream cheese, although their website states otherwise. The cake was aesthetically pleasing. Wish the cake would have had more raspberry filling but it did taste good. The price was a bit much for what we got ($90). The lemon cake itself was not dry but not moist either. A bit on the heavy side. Sadly, it was not a crowd pleaser.

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

Amazing cakes !! We had our wedding cake done by we take the Cake and it not only turned out beautiful but it also tasted delicious ! Just picked up my baby shower cake from here and it is absolutely beautiful, can't wait to eat it !

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

This is the best place. I have had their mini bundt cakes and they are awesome. And their cupcakes don't disappoint either. I went in today because, I wanted to thank them for their great job they do with cupcakes, and they didn't disappoint. My staff was just s impressed with their food as i am. Jean helped me today and she was incredible, she made ther experience so much fun thanks for offering such a great product with an awesome staff to serve it.

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

We Take The Cake is the best take out cake service around. The people are friendly and accommodating, the store is easy to get to, the price is good, and the cake is absolutely delicious. It even comes in a beautiful, high end box that makes a statement. I will always get cakes here!

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

I have a huge "sweet tooth", so I am always in search of the greatest cakes, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, chocolates, ice creams, pies, pastries, In America!! When I found the key lime bundt cake from We Take The Cake in Fort Lauderdale on Goldbelly's published Oprah's Favorites list a few years ago---I said to myself, well I simply LOVE key lime, I love bundt cakes with glaze, and we all know Oprah Always gets it right, so I knew I had to immediately have it!!

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

This is my only option for cakes in Fort Lauderdale. After 15 years buying our birthdays cakes there, I can say: go with full confidence! i also buy the bundt of the month (great deal) as a hostess gift ! This place should be on your list as your place for cakes!

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

A special thanks to Jean and Maggie at We Take The Cake! Always always always a phenomenal job. Delicious cakes! If you havent had a cake from these guys then you are truly missing out on one of life's treasures. Get your bundt, oops I meant butt, in here right away! What on Earth are you waiting for!

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

I love the cakes from here so much. I live in Southampton. NY sure we have bakeries here but not this good. They come so beautiful in their signature box. I like to start when they are still a little frozen. When I think if good, beautiful or special occasions like friends or company . We take the cake is my go to spot.

a Facebook User
By a Facebook User

Our Easter Layer Cake-Just $39,99-4 Days Only

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By a Facebook User


a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

I am a long time customer of We Take the Cake, and have bought cakes, cupcakes and mini-bundt cakes from the store, and have also had their super-delicious Key Lime Bundt cakes sent to friends and family. ALL of their baked goods are always a bit hit with everyone! Their cakes, in my opinion, taste like home-made, from-scratch cakes.

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

We have been loyal customers of We Take The Cake since they originally opened over 15yrs ago at the original location on Sunrise Blvd & US1. And I can tell you it's not even 1/2 the baker they used to be and even worse the customer service is absolutely appalling. I don't mind going to the new location nor do I mind the horrible customer service but I draw the line when you serve me poor cake and charge me top dollar. The Taste is not the same and they changed the recipe. And now this place is not the horrible and it's a shame. Don't be fooled by the once reputable and highly regarded establishment.

Andrea Grajeda
By Andrea Grajeda

Ordered a custom cake for my brother's birthday. The only option for frosting was vanilla cream cheese, although their website states otherwise. The cake was aesthetically pleasing. Wish the cake would have had more raspberry filling but it did taste good. The price was a bit much for what we got ($90). The lemon cake itself was not dry but not moist either. A bit on the heavy side. Sadly, it was not a crowd pleaser.

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

We ordered a thirty person pull apart cupcake cake in the shape of a cactus and a smash cake for our daughters llama party to mark her turning a year and her baby naming. We were not disappointed. They did a fantastic job in executing our wishes. The guests were raving about the flavor. We will definitely use them for our next occasion.

a Facebook User
By a Facebook User

We were a returning, happy customer and came in recently and purchased a 6”, 2 layer (very small) golden butter vanilla cake from the cooler and were very disappointed with the overall blandness of the cake. To make matters worse was the fact that the cake cost $45 due to it including flowers. If the cake was awesome then I could justify the price, however, that price was insane for the quality and we will not be a returning customer as a result.

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

The wedding cake look exactly like we wanted and tasted amazing. We loved it and ever since the wedding, I have been craving more of their cake it is sooooo good!!! All our guests said it was the best wedding cake they ever had. I agree!!!!!!

Ali Sullivan
By Ali Sullivan

Their products are THE BEST IN TOWN,but unfortunately it is A HELL to place an order thru their website.IT IS REALLY AGGRAVATING!!! Although the response of the staff via phone it is SO APOLOGETIC and prompt to correct the issue that I keep doing business with them. Please address the situation!!! Sergio Maffongelli

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

The best cake I've ever had! We Take The Cake is my GF's favorite from when she lived in Ft Lauderdale. Surprised her for Valentine's Day with a chocolate cake with roses on it. Picked it up while in town on business, maybe stayed an extra day to pick it up. So I won Valentines Day. We'll be beach fo sho!

a Facebook User
By a Facebook User

Our Famous Key Lime Bundt

a Facebook User
By a Facebook User

Offer ends 2/18/2019, will automatically be applied at checkout and only applies to our Famous Keylime Bundt Cake. Offer does not apply to past orders or to any shipping fees.

Jay Rodriguez
By Jay Rodriguez

Unbelievable... It took me a time to write this review but in October we ordered a cake. What a dissapointment! I asked them to put two simple letters on a white and briwn cake and they did the most horrendous job that you can imagine. It was an embarrasment of a cake. I had to take the cake to another bakery and py them to fix it. The letters were made in blue and the looked like they were made by a two year old. Never coming back to that place, if you get a cake from Publix for sure they would make a better job.

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

This company was wonderful to work with. I originally (mistakenly) ordered a cake that was not Vegan. When I realized my mistake and let them know, they canceled the first order, refunded my money, and let me re-order a Vegan cake. Not many companies would do that! The chocolate layer cake was for my daughter for a special birthday. She received it yesterday and said it was AMAZING - the best Vegan cake she's had. I will definitely be ordering Vegan (and other!) cakes from We Take The Cake!

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

I recently worked with We Take The Cake to make a custom cake for my mom's 60th disco party. They made the process so easy and we absolutely loved the finished product. I sent them inspiration, but really left the design to Jean and her team! The cake was beautiful and incredibly delicious. They are the best around and my mom was THRILLED with her cake! Thank you!!!

a Facebook User
By a Facebook User


a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

Best coconut cake I've ever eaten and we've eaten plenty. Just sent a Happy Birthday cake to my Dad. They said it was fabulous. Easy directions. Been to their shop and in addition to having the best cake, the staff was very nice and accommodating even carrying the cake to the car.

Londo R
By Londo R


Lori G.
By Lori G.

I ordered a spice cake in October to taste and decide if these cakes would make good gifts. The cake was excellent and I was excited to give them as holiday gifts. Unfortunately, when I placed my ...

Elaine Corcillo
By Elaine Corcillo

Decent cake but the service is lousy so never again!

Odeth Barnett-O'Meally
By Odeth Barnett-O'Meally

I have ordered their strawberry cake. It was very good, absolutely loved the frosting as well.

Elaine Corcillo
By Elaine Corcillo

I was initially disappointed bc my grandmother's cake did not arrive on time. However the kindness of the staff who were sincerely apologetic and took accountability for the mix up provided great service recovery outweighing my intial feelings. My grandmother loved her 88th birthday cake! Thanks again!

Sara Hepburn Forbes
By Sara Hepburn Forbes

Thank you so much for the amazing happy birthday cake! Ordering from Canada to have delivered in Fort Lauderdale was a breeze! Thanks for the great customer service!

Samuel F.
By Samuel F.

Delicious bundt cakes, key lime and chocolate chocolate chip, delicious, you pay a premium, but well worth it..lovely people as well, thanks again

Scott Flachs
By Scott Flachs

Omg the key lime bundt cake..incredible triple chocolate chip for Thanksgiving, lovely people will be back

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

We just had our cake tasting and what a great experience. The presentation and the flavors were delicious. The owner Jean was an absolute pleasure to work with. My fiancé and I are so happy we our having our wedding cake done by We Take The Cake!!!!

Bella Crowned
By Bella Crowned

Their 9" layer chocolate cake is simply amazing. Any cake I've tried from here is exquisite from this by-order bakery.

Vladimir Kupcov
By Vladimir Kupcov

If you picking up here and you have a sleeper and 53' trailer, be careful. This place is a trap. People here are friendly but they think big truck can make turns as easy as Sysco daycab with a pup. A lot of cars parked around, too. Walk around and look yourself. Plan your move. The roundabout on 13th St is not passable on a truck unless you want to jump the curbs. Do not worry about "no semi trucks on 12th St", that's the street you'll have to use.

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

The best cake place ever! They also have bundt cakes and cupcakes with a lot of different flavors and packed very cute. My favorite is the red velvet and strawberry cakes. No where beats this place in south Florida.

a Facebook User
By a Facebook User

Offers expire 9/10/2018. All offers will automatically be applied at checkout. 15% OFF only applies to regularly priced items. Offers do not apply to any past orders or any shipping fees.

a Yelp User
By a Yelp User

Best tasting cake ever! The first flavor we tried was chocolate, which was the most perfect cake we had ever tried. We have used several other bakeries, as well as supermarket and homemade cakes, and after having this chocolate cake we have decided that we must order from here for every special occasion.

Shar M.
By Shar M.

Hands-down... The most amazing cake I have ever had I've been ordering from them forever My kids will not eat cake unless it's from them The customer service is great and I love the designs they... more

Marissa B.
By Marissa B.

Let me start by first saying the cakes taste amazing. Unfortunately I had a very bad experience with them. I was recommended to them by the venue I was having my wedding at. The Coordinator Jean... more

a Facebook User
By a Facebook User

Offer Expires 8/27/2018

Marvelous Washington
By Marvelous Washington

I recommended We take the Cake to my co-worker to order her husband's birthday cake. I've always had a great experience. Unfortunately, she had a horrible experience. She ordered a vanilla cake, but received vanilla and chocolate cake. The vanilla portion wasn't cooked completely and the guests at the party didn't eat any of the cake. To make matters worst she hasn't received any feedback from anyone at We take the Cake. I'm so embarrassed that I recommended this place. 🙁 😔

Edwige Perroud Favre
By Edwige Perroud Favre

étant françaises, je recherchais a manger de vrai et bon cup cake..... et bas la j'ai été servi..... un vrai régal pour les yeux et le papille.... gâteaux moelleux et la crème.... je ne peux pas d'écrire la sensation tellement c'était bon Des personnes adorable dans la boutique..... JE RECOMMANDE

a Facebook User
By a Facebook User

The August Bundt of the Month is Here!

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Lisa S.
By Lisa S.

A friend recommended We Take The Cake because of their unique flavors and excellent product. I asked Jean what their most popular flavors were and chose the lemon with raspberry cream cheese filli...

Sheri Cheaney Edewaard
By Sheri Cheaney Edewaard

My kids will only eat We Take The Cake ! They make the best cakes!