How to Increase Co-op Advertising
Program Dealer Participation

Learn an easy way to administer your co-op program
and drive quality prospects to your dealers.

Did you know that only 15% of local advertisers participate in co-op advertisers?

Here’s why:

Common Stumbling Blocks

  • Dealers need a quality, easy to use digital marketing service
  • Shooger is a high-performance marketing and advertising company we completely set up each dealer
  • You offer dealers, that don’t have a marketing agency, a first class marketing and advertising program
  • Dealers think there are too many rules and regulations
  • We communicate with your dealers and help them understand your requirements
  • The quantity of paperwork is a barrier to participation
  • We help your dealers handle your paperwork requirements
  • Dealers want clear channels of communication
  • We act as a liaison between you and your dealers
  • Dealer time is valuable, if a program is difficult to administer, they question its value to their business
  • We make it easy to participate and administer your program

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